Paladini Cocktail Sauce Recipes

Paladini Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

A recipe that goes back to the turn of the last century, originating in San Fransisco, with the prominent taste of lemon juice and fresh horseradish.

  • All Natural
  • Preservative and Fat Free
12 8-Ounce jars per case

Crab, Shrimpor Prawn Cocktail

A crab, shrimp or jumbo prawn (jumbo shrimp) cocktail offers the dinner hostan easy and most elegant appetizer. Your favorite shellfish mixed with a dollop of Paladini Cocktail Sauce creates not only a wonderful epicurean delight but also creates a gala mood. The hint of fresh horseradish, lemon juice and herbs are already mixed to perfection so all you have to add is the shellfish ... and your guests.

Serves four

Evenly divide the shellfish into four portions, then place into shellfish cocktail glasses, if using jumbo prawns arrange around top of glass. You can also place the shellfish on small shallow bowls or on a large lettuce leaf.There are endless waysto present your cocktail, elegant or casual. Spoon two large tablespoons of the cocktail sauce in the center of the glass or over the shellfish, depending on your presentation. Adda wedge of lemon for color if you wish ... and enjoy!

Other Paladini Cocktail Sauce Serving Suggestions

Paladini Cocktail Sauceand "Hot & Spicy" Cocktail Sauce is a perfect blend of spices ready for your special occasions!

Use Paladini Regularand "Hot & Spicy" Cocktail Saucewith the following: