Paladini Louis Dressing Recipes

Paladini Louis Dressing

Louis Dressing

A uniquely smooth, creamy dressing for shrimp or crab Louis salads. A San Francisco favorite!

12 8-Ounce jars per case

This recipe is a combination of old San Francisco and new California cuisine. Crabmeat or shrimpmeat mixed with Paladini Louis dressing is gently laid within a Belgian endive leaf for a great mix of smooth creamy seafood and crisp endive. It can be served as a passed appetizer or arranged on a plate as a first course. Either way, be prepared for the raving to begin!

Carefully peel back and separate the endive leaves. Rinse and pat dry. Mix the crabmeat or shrimpmeat, lemon juice and 3-4 tablespoons of Paladini Louis Dressing depending on your taste. Gently spoon the shellfish mixture onto the leaves. Do not over load them so they can be easily picked up for eating. It\'s that easy!

Paladini Louis Dressing with the famous San Francisco Crab, Shrimp or Prawn Louis  

         Serves two (as a main course)  

Cut one-half head iceberg lettuce and one head hearts of romaine lettuce into bite size pieces, hard boil two eggs, slice one large tomato into bite size wedges, slice two beets, open can of white asparagus and put eight aside, open can of black olives and put ten aside, (and optional, slice one-half  avacodo). Mix the lettuce together then arrange on two large serving plates, evenly divide and mound the crabmeat, shrimpmeat or cooked prawns onto the center of the lettuce, evenly divide and place the tomato wedges, beets, white asparagus (and optional avacado). Shell then slice eggs in half, divide them and arrange on the dish, place olives around the plate.        Pour the Paladini Louis Dressing in desired quantity over the shellfish and the entire entree salad.                       You are now ready to experience what San Franciscan\'s have been enjoying for over a century in the famous old hotels of the city...    "An Authentic Taste of San Francsico"

Other Paladini Louis Dressing Serving Suggestions

   Paladini Louis Dressing\'s versatility is unlimited.

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